Following are some of my beliefs that drive processes and the way I work:

  • My client has trusted me with advising on something as critical and important as money. I have to exercise the highest degree of care at all times to see that the client’s trust in me remains intact & I deliver the best of value in return for the trust reposed in me.
  • I will take financial planning out of excel sheets, charts and projections. The insights and ideas I share with my clients in a collaborative way are the real value-add in his/her life. Hence, I need to dedicate myself to a lifetime of learning and reading so that I can deliver the best, both in term of depth (subject matter expertise) as well as breadth (good general knowledge across a wide range of issues that my client may face at any point in time in his/her life, & which may not necessarily be financial ones)
  • Clients yearn to learn and get them educated, provided the adviser is open and willing to do so. My aim should be not to spoon-feed the client & make him/her dependent on me, but rather to provide all the ideas insights/perspectives to him in an open manner so that he/she is in a much better position & far more confident of his/her ability in taking the right financial decisions.
  • Disclosure on conflict of interest is not ethically right. Instead, I believe that there should be no conflict of interest in the first place. Though it will be a painful journey in the starting years of my practice & there will be a lot of tempting times, I will never get fall for it & get compensated by anyone other than my client.
  • Finance, investments and taxation is not rocket science but it is made out to be so by the so-called “experts” who appear on TV but are themselves not sure on what they know. I will not complicate things & use jargons with our clients to make them project me as ‘experts” and justify our fee. In fact, I will take our client from complexity to simplicity. The true ROI for my professional fee will be in helping the client see the value of minimalism, reducing cutter, importance of following a PROCESS and simplifying finances with the end goal of living a better and a more meaningful life.