To spread my knowledge in NRI taxation and investments with maximum number of people through my website, introduce new ideas in this space & help 100 families holistically plan their financial life.

Vision 2025:

To be recognised as a NRI Taxation, FEMA and Investments Expert & earn a very high degree of trust & respect with my clients & associates.

Where today everything has become a commodity including advisory, I will instead keep myself a small & personalised team of select professionals so that as an advisor, I know the full background on my client’s case & client does not end up talking to a new person each time (as it happens in case of these big private banks). At the same time, my advice and expertise will be unparalleled and completely client centric.

At a more personal level & over time in the relationship, I want to reach such a degree of trust & closeness with my clients & their families that the insights/counsel my clients seek from me extend beyond financial to other life issues as well.

My personal vision also includes one-to-one mentoring of 10 fee-only investment advisers set up their practices & to write a book at the end of my career for fee-only investment advisers depicting my initial struggles & a sum total of what I’ve learnt all these years working with my clients.